Monday, August 23, 2010

Hops Cones are Here!

After lots of tlc, our Nugget variety is finally producing cones.

Most of the hops plants were significantly stunted by the bug infestation. They also had a late start, so our hopes of having the bines climb to the top of the 20 ft. strings is not going to happen this year.

But it does appear as though we are going to have some really nice cones to harvest off of at least three of our Nugget plants. So far this has been a great learning experience for us and we sure have attracted lots of interest from friends and family.

Yucky Bugs!

It's just one struggle after another.

Just after the first flowers appeared on our Nugget variety...(the flowers are the little yellow pom pom shapes you can see if you look closely)

These nasty crawly things took over our plants.
I sprayed the plants several times with Boneem (an organic pesticide) to kill them, but nothing seems to work!

Our poor plants are curling up...