Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Newest arrival on Michigan Hops Farm: Scissor Lift

Catch up time...been away from the blog for a few months so I have some new things to report.

After our looney attempts at picking hops from ladders and sides of hay wagons (see my most recent post prior to this one if you missed it) this summer Howard and I decided it was "high" time to invest in a piece of equipment that will allow us to safely access our highest hops.

 And here we have it, our fun and adventurous scissor lift, recently retired from a college football stadium here in the great state of Michigan.  
Unloading at the farm......

Trying it out.....wheee!

It drives down the rows and goes up and down.

We took our friends, Lisa and John for a ride one Sunday morning this fall. It gets a little creepy up on top if the wind is blowing. I kind of felt like we were going for a carnival ride.

The view from the top is pretty spectacular.

Looking down upon the apple tree at the northeast corner of our hops yard.  Off in the distance is the pumpkin crop growing on our farm this season. 
  Our hops bines are all removed from the yard at this point, but the view of the pumpkin field being harvested adjacent to our hops yard is quite magnificent.