Monday, June 20, 2011

Dry weather, no irrigation system in place!

Hot dry weather came without any apologies the first week of June.

This prompted us to take action.  Our ATV pulls a trailer which holds a couple of batteries, which power a pump.  The pump forces the water out of an old water storage tank which Howard salvaged out of our old camping travel trailer which "bit the dust" several years ago.  It is going to be several weeks  before we can install an official irrigation system.  It take us over two hours to water the hops this way.  Some days it seems like we are operating this whole project by a thin piece of string....

But we will do whatever it takes to keep the hops happy and growing.  Our second year bines are quickly growing towards the tops of their strings!

Oh and just for everyone's entertainment, the half mile two track path out to our hops yard has become a "baby animal highway" in the past week.

This cute little "bambi" has obviously never seen a human before.  Mommy came back to retrieve her baby a little while later.

These little siblings are on a mission . Do they smell fresh hops shoots?  They are heading in the right direction. 

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