Saturday, April 28, 2012

Michigan Hops Farm - Weekend Warriors go at it again

This last weekend of April, our family (4 kids) all came home.  It was a good time to get some labor intensive tasks done in the hop yard.

Our daughters are taking their first ride up in the scissor lift.

Laura described the experience like a "junky carnival ride" after hearing the lift squeak and feeling a swaying motion when the wind caused the basket to sway.

Howie teases his sister with another new tool while she tries to assist with pole straightening tasks. 

Stephanie learns to drive the tractor.

Laura delights in testing the properties of the new flame weeder while Howie and Amber stand back for safety reasons.

Howard and Howie are hard at work adjusting tensions on some of the trellis cables.

Stephanie has become bored with her job of leveling and begins practicing her Jedi skills.

Laura is weeding around the second year plants.

Stephanie distributes some old bales of mulch straw to the expansion area of our hops farm.  The straw will decompose and add humus to the soil.

Amber clips early season growth off of the plants.  Many of the plants have frost damage on the tips from the overnight freezing temperatures we have been experiencing here in Western Michigan.

Even though it looks like we did lots of goofing off, we got lots of work accomplished on our hops farm today.  We enjoyed spending the day working and playing with our family.

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