Wednesday, July 14, 2010

4 Men, a 4 Wheeler, 4 Cheerleaders, and 2 Dogs

July 4, 2010: While we all should have been picnicking and swimming on a hot holiday afternoon, we instead took another tackle at raising the remaining 2 hops poles. Our friends, Jeff, Gerry and Diana, and Bret and Sara, and our daughter Laura graciously offered their hard work and support.

Some major crimping going on here in preparation for the raising....

Bret is twisting one of the guy wire anchors into the hard clay.
Diana, Sara, Laura and I served water and beer and chips for the occasion.

Molly and Gina supervised.

Time to operate the winch on the 4 wheeler.

Jeff is the winch operator and owner of this wonderful machine.

Up it Goes!
Higher and Higher!

almost there...

Now to bolt it in place...
Jerry works with speed and determination.

Yay!!! Three poles standing!

Howard likes being up high. Here he makes some final adjustments on the cables.
Okay you little hops plants. We have given you almost everything you need to grow tall and produce cones. Next week you will receive an irrigation system. For now, grow tall!

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  1. Good work, Molly and Gina! I can see you've kept everyone in line. :o)