Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hot dry weather, thirsty plants

July 15, 2010 With no measurable rainfall in over 2 weeks, it was time to install an irrigation system for our plants. The closest running water source is half a mile away, leaving us no choice but to haul water out to the plot.

But that is not enough. While we are absent on the weekdays, the hops still need water to meet their growing needs.

Howard designed a drip irrigation system using an old plastic barrel and some irrigation hoses from our local building supplier.

The tank will supply water to the plants for several days. Woody the one eyed owl now has a place to perch as well. He is helping to keep the pesky birds away from the tender new growth on the ends of the hops bines.

The little yellow fluff ball at the center of this picture is the beginnings of a hop flower!

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